Information concerning Asian and European activities - update March 27

At Hoyer we are monitoring the situation related to the coronavirus outbreak with extreme attention.

All employees at our HQ in Ningbo, China are back at work and the affects by the outbreak are now limited. The Hoyer production sites are fully operational and production is running on full capacity. Domestic travelling and transportation as well as freight of goods in and out of China continue to develop positively.

Hoyer Europe is facing an intensified situation and a range of restrictions are put into force in most countries. Despite this our entire workforce and all services continue to operate. Thereby our customers will not experience any changes in service or availability. It is business as usual in unusual settings. The delivery performance is not affected at the moment, however, a few restrictions are seen on freight of goods to areas with severe outbreaks. All necessary actions are taken to keep our employees safe and prevent the virus in spreading further.

The development of the outbreak is constantly being assessed and analysed to define the risk in our supply chain. In case of potential changes the customers affected will be contacted immediately. Until further notice we will deliver as always which is further supported by our extensive stock facilities in Europe and Asia.

As the situation is developing rapidly and new measures are constantly taken to reduce the outbreak we will keep monitoring all available information and communicate with our business partners accordingly.