Hoyer strengthens partnership with MAN Diesel and Turbo

Hoyer Motors and the leading manufacturer of marine engines, MAN Diesel & Turbo, are expanding their existing partnership. As a result, Hoyer Motors are now approved for even more engine designs.

MAN Diesel & Turbo Copenhagen sells licences for the production of their two-stroke engine designs. Over the years, Hoyer motors have been incorporated into several of MAN’s engine designs. Now, both parties have taken further steps to strengthen their partnership by including Hoyer motors in a number of new designs.

“The expansion of out partnership with MAN is yet another seal of approval for our products and services,” says Asger Søllingvraa, Hoyer’s Strategic Account Manager.

The same service offered worldwide

Asger Søllingvraa emphasises Hoyer’s global position as an important factor behind the expanded partnership between MAN Diesel & Turbo and Hoyer Motors. In Asia, where a majority of MAN’s engines are manufactured by licensed builders – engines builders who have purchased the rights to construct engines designed by MAN – Hoyer Motors has a well-established setup. That gives Chinese engine builders the opportunity to do business locally, while reaping the same advantages of Hoyer’s global setup, enjoyed by clients in Europe.

“Regardless of whether the order comes from Europe or Asia, Hoyer delivers the same product, the same level of quality and the same service. With our international presence, we’re able to guarantee MAN and our other partners that there is no difference between purchasing Hoyer motors in Europe or Asia,” Asger Søllingvraa says.

Hoyer’s global presence has brought rapid growth in recent years – also in Asia, where the company’s growth rate has been over 50 per cent each year. As a result of its increasing activity in Asia, overall familiarity with the electric motor manufacturer is on the rise – and this, combined with strengthened partnerships with its strategic clients, has given Hoyer an optimistic forecast for continued future growth.