Greatest hits: Our Top stories of 2021

During the past year, we have covered a wide range of different topics, from in-depth technical guides, customer cases from around the world and news from our own ranks. Here are the five stories you, our readers, found most interesting in 2021.

#1: Guide: Soft starters for electric motors

The most read article for 2021 is one of our heavier pieces of content. In this guide, we introduce the basic principles of soft starters and highlight the main advantages of using a soft starter for different application types. 

Read or re-read the guide here

#2: Bosch Rexroth wanted one motor to cover the world 

Many of you were interested in learning more about our cooperation with Bosch Rexroth to design a motor range that could cover as many efficiency and mechanical requirements as possible. The result is the World Efficiency Motor, which allows Bosch Rexroth to both streamline their sales process and provide additional flexibility to their customers. 

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#3: New capabilities in Hoyer Motors’ Danish test centre 

We are proud to share the many improvements that we have implemented in our in-house test centre at the headquarters in Hadsten, DenmarkSo, we are thrilled to see that many of you were interested in learning more about the wider test range and services, which include new load test services and heat run tests. These new test services will especially be of advantage for Hoyer Motors’ marine, wind and oil & gas markets. 

Read about the expanded test capabilities here

#4: Video: How Hoyer works with marine classification 

Video allows us to provide all our customers and contacts with a view into the inner workings here at Hoyer. Our top performing video 2021 was the tour of our marine classification setup, something we know is of great importance to many of our customers.  

Watch the video here

#5: Video: Marine brake motors 

At the last spot in our top 5, we find another video, this time showcasing the components behind marine brake motors from Hoyer. These motors are specifically designed for marine use and are often installed on open deck. They are used in a wide range of marine applications such as capstans, cranes and winches. 

Watch the video here