Durable Japanese deck cranes in high demand

When Japanese and international shipbuilders demand the best in cargo handling equipment, they often turn to Iknow Machinery. Well respected for their high-quality deck machinery, Iknow currently have orders to supply 32 heavy-duty deck cranes for 8 new bulk carriers.

Loading and unloading cargo is a critical process in the operation of bulk carriers. The many tons of grain, ore, salt and other types of bulk cargo must be handled with care and precision, as mishaps can endanger the safety of both crew and vessel. On the other hand, cargo handling must be as speedy and efficient as possible in order to reduce the time spend in port.

Cargo handling requires hard and durable machinery, which makes high-quality deck cranes a priority for many shipowners. While not all bulk carriers have their own equipment for cargo handling, deck cranes greatly increase the flexibility of a ship, since it makes it independent of shore-based cranes.

A well-respected manufacturer of high-quality deck machinery is Japanese Iknow Machinery, who supply some of the most demanding shipyards and shipowners, both in Japan and overseas.

32 electric-hydraulic deck cranes

In the period from April 2020 to June 2021, Iknow has been commissioned to produce deck cranes for 8 different bulk carriers. These vessels will each be equipped with 4 electric hydraulic deck cranes capable of lifting 30 tons of cargo.

The deck cranes are headed for Oshima Shipyard, which is one of the most well-reputed bulk carrier builders in the world. Here, the first 4 cranes will be installed on the MV Kaifong, a bulk carrier of 36,300 deadweight tonnage due to be delivered to its new owners in August 2020.

Each deck crane will be powered by a 170kW electric motor. Rather than choosing a Japanese manufacturer,
IKnow has ordered the 32 motors from Hoyer Motors Asia. The motors are delivered through Iknow’s sourcing division in Shanghai, Xiong Long Industrial.

– Due to their dedication to high standards, Iknow has strict requirements for quality and delivery reliability. Prior to this project, Hoyer Motors’ sales teams in both China and Japan have been in close dialogue with Iknow, including several visits to their production site. This was to ensure complete alignment and mapping of their detailed needs and requirements, says Mike Xiao, Area Sales Manager for Hoyer Motors Asia.

Agile Asian supply-chain

Located in the city of Sasebo near Nagasaki, Iknow’s production facilities are close to mainland China and Korea. This offers high efficiency, both for transporting the finished products to customers and when receiving parts from suppliers like Hoyer Motors.

– A key factor for Iknow Machinery in this project was Hoyer Motors Asia’s ability to offer reliable deliveries to Japan supported by an agile and robust supply chain and the logistics set-up in China. With our recent capacity increase in our Asian HQ in Ningbo, China, including our test center, we are well equipped to support customers like Iknow in all parts of the region. This includes providing full-scale motor and classification documentation, says Masahide Uchino, Country Manager for Hoyer Motors in Japan.

Facts about Iknow Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Iknow Machinery specializes in marine cargo handling equipment such as deck cranes, hatch covers, wood chip unloaders and gantry cranes.
  • Iknow Machinery has its headoffice and production in Sasebo city in the Nagasaki Prefecture, facing the Kujyuukushima Saikai National Park.
  • 600 employees including subcontractors.
  • Iknow’s shareholders include some of the most respected Japanese marine industry brands representing shipbuilding, shipowners and shipyards, including Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.