Custom compressors built to handle harsh conditions

A set of custom-made screw compressors will allow a trio of cement bulk carriers to unload their cargo quickly and efficiently. The engineers at AERZEN Nederland B.V. were up to the challenge of designing a rugged and reliable compressor system to fit in the limited space on the bulk vessels.

An onboard pneumatic cargo conveyance system is a great benefit for a cement bulk carrier. Like a giant vacuum cleaner, the system sucks up the cement and pumps it out at overpressure, enabling the ship to unload its bulk cargo quickly without being dependent on port facilities. This reduces time spent in port and adds flexibility to the routes the ship can service. Another important advantage from pneumatic conveying compared to mechanical cement handling is that it is absolutely dust-free.

Reliability and quality requirements for such critical equipment are understandably high. A pneumatic cement conveyance system has to quickly move massive quantities of demanding cargo and often under harsh conditions. And if the system malfunctions, the ship will be unable to load or unload.

So, when the system integrator needed a set of compressor units for three cement bulk carriers, they turned to AERZEN Nederland, who has an extensive portfolio of durable compressors and blowers. With an experienced staff of engineers, technicians, and test facilities, AERZEN Nederland has delivered hundreds of customized packages, including special solutions for industrial and offshore compressors. As such, AERZEN is well-known to guarantee maximum reliability.

Durable screw compressors

The project required a custom-built compressor system to balance the demands for power, reliability, and size. For most industrial facilities on land, a standard compressor unit will usually do the job, but on board a vessel, space is at a premium. AERZEN chose their VMX oil-injected screw compressor stage as the basis for the units, which were engineered and built by AERZEN Nederland to the customers’ specifications. The system will be completed with a pre-inlet blower set, also developed by the Dutch AERZEN subsidiary.
‒ As a partner to the cement industry for many years, AERZEN knows the high demands when it comes to the pneumatic conveyance of demanding bulk materials. Our VMX compressors have proven to be extremely reliable for this type of application all over the world. Both in diesel driven configuration and electric motor package, says Siert Wiersema, Deputy Manager for AERZEN Nederland B.V.

Orange motors from Hoyer

To power the compressor systems, AERZEN use six 200 kW IE3 motors from Hoyer. AERZEN are confident that Hoyer meets their expectations for quality and reliability. And despite significant logistic challenges due to Covid-19, the motors were delivered from the Hoyer production within 10 weeks.

– We experienced good cooperation, engineering support, and a competitive project price for the six motor units. Hoyer delivered the motors in a special orange color to match the rest of the system. When we tested the units in our workshop, their performance was proven to be excellent, so we expect a bright future for these compressor units, says Siert Wiersema.

Facts about AERZEN Nederland B.V.

  • Subsidiary of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which has subsidiaries in over 50 countries and is represented in more than 160 countries worldwide.
  • Since 1864, AERZEN has delivered reliable, high performing, and energy-efficient blowers, turbo blowers, screw blowers, and screw compressors for industrial applications across the world.
  • AERZEN Nederland offers custom-made solutions for individual customers, including onshore and offshore compressors, diesel driven packages, vacuum pumps, containerized units, and packages built to ATEX or NORSOK specifications.

About the Hoyer motors for the project

  • 6 x 200 kW IE3 high efficiency marine motors
  • Customised shaft dimensions
  • B3R mounting
  • NU bearings in drive-end
  • Special RAL2003 colour