CSR report 2020

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all Hoyer activities – including CSR. However, throughout the year we have continued the focus on several CSR initiatives.

The Hoyer CSR activities are divided into four main areas which are also part of the overall CSR policy.

  • Well-being and work environment
  • Human rights and Labour
  • Environment
  • Anti-Corruption

Within these areas we have worked on specific targets of which several have been achieved in 2020. For instance, an Employee Net Promotor Score (ENPS) of minimum 15 and an increased involvement of the middle management group in the environmental strategy. We have transferred all main suppliers to new frame work agreements which includes more strict requirements related to CSR and we have reduced transport to third party services with 42% in China.

At the same time we have elevated the focus on energy efficient products such as IE4 and Drives. This means that we now offer more environmental opportunities than ever.

Our official 2020 CSR report has just been released. Please find it here. In 2021 we continue our focus on CSR and on the last two pages of the CSR report you can find the goals for 2021.

Hoyer CSR approach

As part of the global industrial sector, we take interest in our customers’ environmental targets – and we believe that we can make a difference together.

The motor business is based on long term partnerships throughout the entire supply chain. Through cooperation with our business partners, we can therefore influence our suppliers’, customers’ and other stakeholders’ handling of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption in a positive way. We actively support the focus on Global Goal #7 and #9 in the pursue of sustainable development.

Find more information about CSR and Energy Efficiency at Hoyer at site page.