4 days – 7 Marine Experts – 11 digital Marine events

February 2-5, Hoyer Motors goes live with 11 digital marine events and a virtual exhibition booth at SMM Digital.

“At Hoyer Motors we had looked very much forward to meeting our maritime business partners at SMM in Hamburg. Unfortunately that is not possible, why we instead offer online maritime insight and networking,” tells Ketil Vesterlund, CCO Hoyer Motors.

Hoyer Motors has decided to go live with 11 digital marine events during the week of SMM. For instance you can get more knowledge about Classification & Testing, VFD solutions or about Energy Efficient Marine Motors. All events are live on Microsoft Teams and you can find direct links for the events on this website.

With the marine week, Hoyer Motors hopes to get to meet some of the business partners who they normally meet at SMM.

“We really hope that the marine market will welcome the initiative. Our marine team is excited to meet new and existing customers and despite it being virtual we strongly believe that this kind of interaction is needed in the market,” says Ketil Vesterlund.

The Virtual Danish Pavilion

Hoyer Motors is present at The Virtual Pavilion of Denmark during SMM Digital 2021. “Walking” around the digital maritime fair you get to meet 35 Danish companies’ digital booths. Here they are ready to present market and product news. At the Hoyer booth you can meet and interact with the Hoyer marine team who are present with live avatars.

You get to meet Hoyer and the other companies through video calls or live chatting. Register for free here.

More information

If you have any questions regarding the events or our participation at the Virtual Danish Pavilion, please do not hesitate to contact us at: webinars@hoyermotors.com or your regular Hoyer contact.