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January 2 – 2018

Guide to medium and high voltage motors

When your application requires high output, it can be beneficial to increase the voltage in order to keep a low current. Hoyer’s technical manager pro...

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December 22 – 2017

Robots supply sterile equipment for surgery

Danish Gibotech, a supplier of robots and automation systems, has been task...

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September 29 – 2017

CEO Thomas Skipper Klausen leaves Hoyer

After more than 23 years with Hoyer, CEO Thomas Skipper Klausen has decided...

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September 11 – 2017

Explosion-proof pumps set new standard for safety

The Dutch pump manufacturer BBA Pumps has developed the world’s first fully...

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September 11 – 2017

Monster crane hoists wind turbines off the Chinese shore

After an 18 months construction period, a massive Jack-up offshore wind pow...

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August 12 – 2017

The new website – a two minute tour

Our new website has been designed to make it easier than ever to find produ...

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May 19 – 2017

Learn more about the paint systems

Electric motors, gears and other metal components used in harsh or exposed ...

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April 6 – 2017

Paper innovation brings new opportunities

Paper production is a complicated process where high-tech production lines ...

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April 2 – 2017

5 experiences: How do you create export success?

Hoyer can call itself Danish Exporter of the Year 2016, and the company's C...

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March 17 – 2017

Hoyer customer satisfaction 2016

Every year the Hoyer customer satisfaction survey is conducted to analyse t...

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January 9 – 2017

It's hard work turning clay into building material

It requires high temperatures and robust machinery parts to convert wet and...

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