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March 17 – 2017

Hoyer customer satisfaction 2016

Every year the Hoyer customer satisfaction survey is conducted to analyse the organisational performance and to track and collect the newest trends in...

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January 9 – 2017

It's hard work turning clay into building material

It requires high temperatures and robust machinery parts to convert wet and...

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January 9 – 2017

Hoyer's new offices in Japan and Dubai

With the hiring of an experienced Japanese country manager and the opening ...

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December 27 – 2016

No more stowaways in cargo ships' ballast water

Ballast water is crucial to the safety of a ship, but uncontrolled water em...

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October 20 – 2016

Ship exhaust washed to protect the environment

Waste gas purification with wet scrubbers has proved to be an effective alt...

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June 26 – 2016

1,400 tonnes of soya unloaded in one hour

On a barge anchored in the middle of the roaring waters of the Amazon River...

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