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January 7 – 2018

Increasing demand for clean and clear wastewater

In both the Middle East and Far East, demand for better water and wastewater management is on the rise. In Hong Kong, Hoyer electric motors power larg...

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January 5 – 2018

Large stock and strong logistics keeps the ships at sea

When a cargo ship is in acute need of a new electric motor, this should ide...

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January 2 – 2018

Guide to medium and high voltage motors

When your application requires high output, it can be beneficial to increas...

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December 22 – 2017

Robots supply sterile equipment for surgery

Danish Gibotech, a supplier of robots and automation systems, has been task...

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September 29 – 2017

CEO Thomas Skipper Klausen leaves Hoyer

After more than 23 years with Hoyer, CEO Thomas Skipper Klausen has decided...

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September 11 – 2017

Explosion-proof pumps set new standard for safety

The Dutch pump manufacturer BBA Pumps has developed the world’s first fully...

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September 11 – 2017

Monster crane hoists wind turbines off the Chinese shore

After an 18 months construction period, a massive Jack-up offshore wind pow...

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August 12 – 2017

The new website – a two minute tour

Our new website has been designed to make it easier than ever to find produ...

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May 19 – 2017

Learn more about the paint systems

Electric motors, gears and other metal components used in harsh or exposed ...

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April 6 – 2017

Paper innovation brings new opportunities

Paper production is a complicated process where high-tech production lines ...

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April 2 – 2017

5 experiences: How do you create export success?

Hoyer can call itself Danish Exporter of the Year 2016, and the company's C...

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