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December 6 – 2018

New European test centre offers shorter lead times and greater flexibility

A new Hoyer test centre in Denmark will offer shorter lead times and faster classification of electric motors. The new test centre will work closely w...

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September 20 – 2018

Ready for the wind industry's tough demands

Challenging climate conditions, high quality requirements and global produc...

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September 20 – 2018

Guide to North American certifications

If your products are to be sold in the US or Canada, it is crucial to get t...

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September 18 – 2018

Keeping cool in the Algerian heat

The heat exchangers and pressure vessel solutions manufacturer ASTRA Refrig...

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May 29 – 2018

Hoyer appoints new CEO

Henrik Sørensen is new CEO of Hoyer and will be joining the company June 1s...

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May 24 – 2018

New ISO standard places more demands

Hoyer has been approved for the new ISO-9001: 2015 standard. Here you can g...

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May 22 – 2018

New gear with many potential uses

Hoyer has just presented a new, complete range of worm gears. The gear moto...

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January 7 – 2018

Increasing demand for clean and clear wastewater

In both the Middle East and Far East, demand for better water and wastewate...

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January 5 – 2018

Large stock and strong logistics keeps the ships at sea

When a cargo ship is in acute need of a new electric motor, this should ide...

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January 2 – 2018

Guide to medium and high voltage motors

When your application requires high output, it can be beneficial to increas...

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December 22 – 2017

Robots supply sterile equipment for surgery

Danish Gibotech, a supplier of robots and automation systems, has been task...

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