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May 30 – 2022

Hoyer Group came stronger out of a challenging 2021

Hoyer Group came out of 2021 with a record high order book, but rising prices of raw materials and freight had an impact on the earnings, and the prof...

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April 25 – 2022

Information concerning Covid-19 lockdown in China

Updated 13 June: We see a decreasing number of infected people in Shanghai;...

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April 22 – 2022

Flying leads means better airflow in compact fans

Motors with flying leads can be an excellent solution for axial fans and ot...

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April 20 – 2022

Lower costs and major energy savings for water treatment plants

Hoyer IE4 motors with integrated frequency converters are a central part of...

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December 22 – 2021
Hoyer EX motor

Hoyer with major breakthroughs in the Oil and Gas industry

Dedicated programmes for explosion proof and medium voltage motors, a globa...

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December 15 – 2021

Greatest hits: Our Top stories of 2021

During the past year, we have covered a wide range of different topics, fro...

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September 1 – 2021

OEM suppliers look forward to a returning scrubber market

After a setback caused by the impact of COVID-19 and low oil prices, the gl...

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August 24 – 2021

Bosch Rexroth wanted one motor to cover the world

In the context of simplifying the business and reduce variance, Bosch Rexro...

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June 29 – 2021

Guide: Soft starters for electric motors

In this guide, we introduce the basic principles of soft starters and highl...

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June 3 – 2021

New capabilities in Hoyer Motors’ Danish test centre

Hoyer Motors has made further investments in the in-house test centre with ...

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April 26 – 2021

Nyborg-Mawent keeps the air flowing under all conditions

Nyborg-Mawent specializes in the production of radial and axial fans and a ...

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