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November 11 – 2019

Hoyer marks Chinese anniversary with major expansion

In order to support the massive growth in China, Korea and Japan, Hoyer Motors is investing heavily in Asia. An expansion of Hoyer Motors HQ in Ningbo...

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October 18 – 2019

Environmental focus drives gas carrier fleet growth

Increasing demand for clean energy means more orders for liquefied gas carr...

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September 11 – 2019

Huge pumps will cool power plants in the Bahamas

The Danish company IRON Pump will supply specially designed pumps that will...

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September 9 – 2019

Hoyer Motors aboard award-winning hybrid ferry

At the Nor-Shipping 2019 exhibition, the world’s largest hybrid vessel, M/S...

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June 20 – 2019

Video: Electric motors for marine applications

The Hoyer Motors range of electric motors and drives is suitable for a wide...

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June 17 – 2019

From seawater to freshwater through pure pressure

Using a technique known as reverse osmosis, the Norwegian based maritime su...

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June 16 – 2019

Maximum braking power, at an altitude of four kilometres

From the mountains of Chile and Peru to the windblown North Sea, Svendborg ...

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May 27 – 2019

Hoyer Group with record balance sheets in 2018

An increased segment focus has contributed to Hoyer Group delivering solid ...

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March 27 – 2019

Hoyer Motors invests in VFD

With the launch of Hoyer Drives & Controls, Hoyer can now supply motors and...

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March 27 – 2019

Optimised operation with frequency converters

Lower energy consumption and more precise management of speed and torque ar...

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January 31 – 2019

Grand Opening of new Test Center

Customers, surveyors and other business partners were invited to the celebr...

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