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May 23 – 2023

From July 2023, the EU will be tightening the requirements for the energy efficiency of electric motors

The final phase of the EU ecodesign regulations, which impose stricter requirements on the energy efficiency of electric motors, comes into force on 1...

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May 22 – 2023

New facilities in Ningbo

In order to support the large growth potential that exists in Asia, Hoyer G...

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November 2 – 2022

A durable brake motor is essential for marine deck machinery

Cutting corners on the electric motor for deck machinery can be an expensiv...

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October 31 – 2022

Monitor motor conditions remotely with Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor

The new Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor enables industrial application owners to r...

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October 30 – 2022

Information concerning Covid-19 lockdown in China

Updated 31 October: All restrictions in Beilun have been lifted since Frida...

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October 15 – 2022

More women in technical companies

Wednesday 5 October 2022, 21 girls from 9th form, Auning School, Denmark, v...

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May 30 – 2022

Hoyer Group came stronger out of a challenging 2021

Hoyer Group came out of 2021 with a record high order book, but rising pric...

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April 22 – 2022

Flying leads means better airflow in compact fans

Motors with flying leads can be an excellent solution for axial fans and ot...

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April 20 – 2022

Lower costs and major energy savings for water treatment plants

Hoyer IE4 motors with integrated frequency converters are a central part of...

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December 22 – 2021
Hoyer EX motor

Hoyer with major breakthroughs in the Oil and Gas industry

Dedicated programmes for explosion proof and medium voltage motors, a globa...

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December 15 – 2021

Greatest hits: Our Top stories of 2021

During the past year, we have covered a wide range of different topics, fro...

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