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October 18 – 2019

Environmental focus drives gas carrier fleet growth

Increasing demand for clean energy means more orders for liquefied gas carriers, especially in South Korea. Hoyer Motors introduces a new range of exp...

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September 11 – 2019

Huge pumps will cool power plants in the Bahamas

The Danish company IRON Pump will supply specially designed pumps that will...

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September 9 – 2019

Hoyer Motors aboard award-winning hybrid ferry

At the Nor-Shipping 2019 exhibition, the world’s largest hybrid vessel, M/S...

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June 20 – 2019

Video: Electric motors for marine applications

The Hoyer Motors range of electric motors and drives is suitable for a wide...

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June 17 – 2019

From seawater to freshwater through pure pressure

Using a technique known as reverse osmosis, the Norwegian based maritime su...

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June 16 – 2019

Maximum braking power, at an altitude of four kilometres

From the mountains of Chile and Peru to the windblown North Sea, Svendborg ...

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May 27 – 2019

Hoyer Group with record balance sheets in 2018

An increased segment focus has contributed to Hoyer Group delivering solid ...

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March 27 – 2019

Hoyer Motors invests in VFD

With the launch of Hoyer Drives & Controls, Hoyer can now supply motors and...

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March 27 – 2019

Optimised operation with frequency converters

Lower energy consumption and more precise management of speed and torque ar...

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January 31 – 2019

Grand Opening of new Test Center

Customers, surveyors and other business partners were invited to the celebr...

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December 6 – 2018

Sulphur requirements send the scrubber market sky high

New environmental rules from the UN maritime organisation IMO mean that shi...

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