Our Wind customers are under constant pressure to cut costs while fulfilling demanding standards. Our solutions are designed to meet these challenges and finding the perfect product fit, while ensuring market leading delivery performance.


We are specialised within AHU and HPU related applications including hydraulic systems for lubrication and temperature control systems. You can read more about our Wind Turbine Motors here.

Hoyer Wind Approach

Customer Experience

"Good service is essential to us and it is one element I think companies should choose Hoyer for. They offer good and fast service and do not give you 10 questions back, when you ask for something, which a lot of their competitors do."

"The delivery performance is often more important to me than price, because it costs our company high amounts when delivery is late. You quickly risk losing 15,000 Euro and a lot of man-hours in case of delays. It means overtime work, daily penalties and air freight, just to mention some consequences. In regards to delivering on time in my perspective, Hoyer has a delivery performance around 98 %."

Technical Project Engineer, Cooling System Customer