Industrial Pumps

The corporation with Industrial Pumps OEM’s has throughout the years shaped our company and approach to motors. Pumps is the largest application group across our segments and we have a deep understanding of what it takes to make a difference.


Our motors for Industrial Pumps mostly drive different types of pumps for various industries.

Hoyer Industrial Pumps Approach

Customer Experience

"Hoyer Motors stands out from its competitors with a delivery performance very close to 100 per cent. Moreover, we encounter a unique level of customer service from them which permeates the entire organisation and is understood by every employee."

"We are in daily contact with, and whenever we approach them we always receive qualified answers within a short period of time. Finally, the correct pricing of the motors in relation to the quality is a significant parameter for us. With Hoyer Motors costs and quality are perfectly matched."

Strategic Purchaser, Pump Customer