Marine Aftersales and Distributors

Aftersales is a natural part of our marine market approach. We always aim to offer the best possible aftersales solutions towards marine customers, no matter if you are an OEM or shipowner. This is done in close cooperation with our distributors.

Premium distributors

The premium distributors are carefully selected partners, have on-site stock facilities and are able to deliver fast and on-demand. They have great experience with electric motors and offer product sparring and support.

TSS Rotterdam

Located in Rotterdam, TSS covers the ARA region – Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp. They have been a trusted Hoyer partner since 2010 and have extensive maritime insight and product know-how. Read more at

Universal Marine Electric

Our US partner within marine aftersales is located in Houston and offers Hoyer IE2 marine motors from their stock facilities. They offer fast deliveries and comprehensive support. Read more at

Pall Marc

Our premium distributor in Singapore – one of the most maritime hubs in the world. Pall Marc has more than 40 years of experience within aftersales to marine and offshore clients. Read more at


The distributors are official Hoyer Motors representatives within marine aftersales in their local regions. Together with our aftersales team, they work on providing planned deliveries to the major maritime hubs around the world. Despite not having on-site stocks, they are able to provide fast service and flexible solutions via the Hoyer stock facilities in Europe and China.


Navkratis –


Oceanking Technical & Trading –


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Proship –


Generator Solutions – 




Hoyer aftersales

If you are interested in a special setup, global agreements or similar, please contact the aftersales team based at our Danish headquarters. Furthermore, we are always interested in new partnerships with well-established marine distributors.

Please contact Hoyer Aftersales on