Industrial cooling requires special motors

Dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations are commonplace in industrial cooling towers. Harsh environments place strict demands on the motor solution – at both application and project level.

From oil production in the desert to power plants in Arctic regions, blocks of cooling towers are a familiar sight in the industrial sector. Ventilation units are an essential component of cooling towers, and operating in the tough environment that arises when surplus heat is cooled can be a demanding task. The same applies for the motors that drive the ventilation units.

Condensation and moisture are the most common risk factors in large cooling towers, but they are rarely the only effects that have to be withstood. Adam Slupinski, HVAC Segment Manager at Hoyer Motors, explains:

“Cooling towers are usually used in processes where there is a need to handle surplus heat. They are installed in vastly differing environments and in temperatures ranging from minus 50 degrees Celsius to plus 80. Water, dust and salt are often some of the tough challenges that the fan motors must be able to withstand,” he says.