From price-awareness to partnership

For over 35 years, Hoyer has supplied Linco Food Systems with chains, sprockets, and other parts for their poultry processing stations. Under the now well-established cooperative partnership, Hoyer also manages the surface treatment of components and a number of other special tasks.

Just like a long-standing marriage, the relation between Linco Food Systems A/S and Hoyer has developed over the years. The qualities that first drew the companies together might not necessarily be the top priority any more.

“Originally, it was price and geographical proximity that made Hoyer the obvious choice for us. Gradually and as our orders grew in volume, the nature of our partnership changed. Where once we saw Hoyer as a supplier of reasonably priced products, we now feel they are partners who contributes with extra input to the process,” says Bjørn Ipsen of Linco Food Systems.

From farm to freezer

Every year, millions of chickens and turkeys are slaughtered in fully automated poultry processing stations supplied by Linco Food Systems. These advanced stations are composed of a number of specialised machines which handle the entire process from living bird to ready-prepared, chilled meat. For more than 35 years, Hoyer has been the steady supplier of chains, sprockets, belts, pulleys and a number of other components that help move the poultry through the production system.

Drumsticks free of rust stains

Our close cooperation is apparent from the fact that Hoyer has assumed responsibility for much of the after processing of components, among other things, which was previously performed by Linco Food Systems. This includes electro-galvanisation, threading and machining of keyways as well as the automatic reordering of key components.

“Because our facilities process food, all surfaces must be treated with yellow chromate in order to achieve maximum resistance to corrosion. It simply would not do for rust to fall off chains in a slaughterhouse. Hoyer has now taken on much of the aftercare of the components, so that whereas we once received a product that we needed to attend to ourselves, we now have a finished solution, ready for use. This leaves us to concentrate solely on our specialism,” explains Ipsen.

Laser-cut special joints

In the many cutting machines, conveyor belts and packing lines produced by Linco Food Systems, there are certain chains and joints that are not standard items. These must be specially manufactured to precise measurements.

“Formerly, we laser-cut these special joints ourselves and sent them to Hoyer for assembly. Today, Hoyer delivers most of the special joints in accordance with our specifications. We still manufacture a few joints ourselves, but most production is now taken care of by Hoyer,” says Ipsen.

Facts: Linco Food Systems A/S

LINCO is part of the German BAADER Group

LINCO, based in Trige, north of Aarhus, Denmark, is the headquarters of the Poultry division, which has production facilities in Denmark, the Netherlands and the US

There are approximately 600 employees in the poultry division worldwide

LINCO supplies everything from individual machinery to complete solutions for poultry processing stations all over the world.