After Sales and Distributors

After Sales is a natural part of our marine market approach. We always aim to offer the best possible after sales solutions towards marine customers, no matter if you are an OEM or shipowner. This is done in close cooperation with our distributors.

Premium distributors

The premium distributors are carefully selected partners, have on-site stock facilities and are able to deliver fast and on-demand. They have great experience with electric motors and offer product sparring and support.

Alas-Kuul AS

Located in Estonia. See more on

Bracke Aandrijfspecialist

Located in the Netherlands. See more on

Euromash Holding LLC

Located in Russia. See more on

Motoren Kalis

Located in Germany. See more on

Nito-Tek A/S

Located in Denmark. See more on

Pall Marc

Located in Singapore. See more on


Located in Poland. See more on

Scandinavian Motors AB

Located in Sweden. See more on

S.T.M. Finland OY

Located in Finland. See more on

TSS Rotterdam

Located in The Netherlands. See more on

Universal Marine Electric

Located in USA. See more on

Hoyer After Sales

If you are interested in a special setup, global agreements or similar, please contact the After Sales team based at our Danish headquarters. Furthermore, we are always interested in new partnerships with well-established marine distributors.

Please contact Hoyer After Sales on